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Dispo Roll

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Dispo Rolls are pre-coated, precut medical disposable sheets, belonging to Class I medical device. Due to the materials they are made of, they ensure high tearing strength and perfect waterproofness. As a matter of fact, Dispotech’s disposable sheets are composed of one ply of absorbent tissue and one ply of waterproof polyethylene.

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Frame 204


H50 cm x 50/100 m

H60 cm x 50/100 m

H70 cm x 50 m

H80 cm x 50 m

H90 cm x 50 m



6 pcs


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Medical Sport

Customizable examination disposable sheets

Coupling polythene to the paper tissue guarantees excellent strength, impermeability and comfort for the patient and protect the underlying surfaces from wet. What is more, these disposable sheets are customizable.

DISPO ROLL is a Class I medical device.


Customizable disposable sheets

Dispotech provides the disposable sheets in practical rolls that can be customized according to specific needs. Customization possibilities include the weight and the color of the tissue, as well as the thickness of the polyethylene layer. The disposable sheets can be also personalized with continuous printing in up to 3 colors.


Disposable sheets application sectors

DISPO ROLL disposable sheets are used in the medical, dental and sports sector. Watch this video!