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Private label medical products

Medical products are designed for healthcare facilities, hospitals and care homes, as well as all health professionals like doctors, nurses and other professionals and, alongside dental products, can be customized.

A private label medical product will carry your brand name and logo, but can also be produced on the base of your needs as regards its size, packaging and format.

Medical products include:

  • instant ice packs and heat packs
  • reusable hot-cold gel packs
  • ice spray
  • rolls of disposable medical sheets
  • medical gloves, disposable sheets
  • disposable towels and disposable napkins
  • pouches and rolls for sterilization
  • rolls of disposable bibs
  • disposable bibs with pocket
  • surgical masks
  • plasticised sheets


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The quality of Dispotech's private label medical and dental products


Since 1994, constant research and investment, has allowed Dispotech to become one of the well-known companies for the production and the supply of either Dispotech branded and private label medical and dental products.

Some features are significant to understand the quality of all Dispotech products:

  • they are disposable, that is the guarantee the utmost hygiene and safety for professionals and patients
  • they are Made-in-Italy products manufactured internally by Dispotech itself
  • they are made with the best raw materials to assure high quality
  • private label dental products, as well as medical ones, can be customized by changing packaging, format and size, or by printing your logo or brand name on them.


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Medical and dental private label products


With Your Brand service, Dispotech provides you the perfect customised or private label medical and dental products, always guaranteeing the excellent quality of its manufacture. Thanks to a great flexibility in design and Research&Development, we offer a high level of customisation for your disposable products, both in terms of packaging types and dimensions and the format of an individual product. All products, including private label ones, are internally manufactured with Italian materials so to assure the best quality and guarantee safety and hygiene.


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Our private label dental products


One of the most appreciated services by Dispotech is the creation of private label dental products. As a matter of fact, we can customise almost any kind of dental products by printing your brand name or logo on them, but not only. Customising a dental product for us means modifying the packaging type and size, and even the format of the product to meet your need.

Among the many dental disposable products that can be turned into private label dental products we can quote those belonging to PERFECTO line, a line purposely created for dentists that want to make sure they work in the utmost hygienic environment without the risks of contamination or infections.

Private label dental products include:

  • instant ice packs
  • disposable cups
  • micro applicators
  • napkins and napkins dispensers
  • rolls of disposable bibs
  • disposable shoe covers
  • pouches and rolls for sterilisation
  • disposable trays
  • tray paper
  • gloves, gowns and disposable caps


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