Disposable chair covers

Perfecto Chair Cover


PERFECTO CHAIR COVER are disposable medical chair covers for the dental and medical sectors. Chair covers are made in soft polypropylene TNT, non allergenic and transpiring, ideal for a disposable use. 

Disposable chair covers are highly hygienic and easy to dispose of, their application is quick and guarantees a perfect protection and the maximum comfort. It can be removed after each patient, without having to clean it.


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24x4 boxes


Features and advantages of a disposable cover

The chair cover set comes in 3 pieces: 1 back cover, 1 seat cover, 1 headrest cover weight 35 g/m2. The covers are universal in size, they adapt to all chair models and they are easy to place, thanks to its elastic edging and laces guaranteeing full adaptability.

It is an effective barrier between the patient and your equipment, providing a higher hygiene and prevention from contamination. It also works as a barrier that prolongs the life of dental chairs. 


Medical and dental chair covers: availability

Disposable chair covers are designed for use in any medical and dental studio, thanks to their smart application and wide range of colours. 


The covers are available in white, Mediterranean blue, China blue, orange, purple and mint. Each supply includes 4 boxes with 25 covers in each, but customised supplies can be requested to our commercial office. Please contact us using the form below.