Dental Ice Packs

Perfecto Ice

poche à glace médicale perfecto ice poche à glace médicale perfecto ice

Dispotech has invented and patented the disposable dental ice packs in TNT, instant dental ice packs soft to the touch. PERFECTO ICE guarantees intense cold that is not aggressive, so it can be used on the face. The dental ice pack reaches a temperature of -4°C from room temperature in just a few seconds.

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14x18 cm
14x24 cm



Benefits of dental ice packs

Dental ice packs are cryotherapy devices, and are the ideal solution for a sudden relief when small injuries occur or after a dental surgery because they help patients manage pain and swelling. Dental ice packs are widely used in the medical and dental sectors for application on the treated area. The product is easy to use and to store.


Perfecto Dental ice packs in detail 

In a nutshell, we can sum up the advantages of Dispotech’s dental ice packs as follows:

  • Easy to be disposed of
  • They reduce swelling and discomfort due to various post-operative procedures
  • Each package contains 24 packs of dental ice packs (14x18 cm)
  • Made in Italy

In addition, our dental ice packs can be customised by printing your logo or by changing the size and the format of the packaging.


Applications of Perfecto dental ice packs

Dental ice packs by Dispotech are a medical device specifically designed for the dental sector. The pack can be applied directly after dental procedures to relieve pain and provide a feeling of comfort and coolness. More generally, the ice pack is also ideal for use in medical or sports settings to relieve muscle pain and strains.