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Perfecto Bibs

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PERFECTO BIBS are dental bibs designed and realized by Dispotech to protect patients from contaminations during dental operations and procedures.

PERFECTO BIBS are highly absorbent dental bibs in tear-off rolls, made of cellulose and polyethylene. Dental bibs are disposable products, designed for dental and medical studios: soft and easy to use, they are produced for the maximum comfort of the patient, giving at the same time the best protection against stains and sprays. These disposable bibs can be used with the aid of a dispenser, in order to keep them always clean and tidy.

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How dental bibs erfecto Bibs are made

Dispotech dental bibs are made of cellulose and polyethylene. They are water-resistant and particularly durable, guaranteeing the best protection. Very easy to wear, they are provided with laces to give the patient a comfortable feeling.


Dental disposable bibs: dimensions and availability

Dental disposable bibs by Dispotech have already been chosen by several clients all over the world, thanks to the quality of the materials and the convenient price.

They are available in a wide range of colours: white, Mediterranean and China blue, green, orange, pink, purple, peach, yellow, wine red and mint.


Dispotech dental bibs main features

We can sum up the main characteristics of our dental disposable bibs as follows:

  • They ensure durable patient protection due to high absorption
  • They are ideal for cleanings and minor procedures
  • They are easy to be disposed of
  • They come in eleven different colours and in two different dimensions – 50x80 cm and 50x60 cm
  • They are supplied in packages containing six packs each