Tips for exercising at home during Coronavirus

Emanuele Mortarotti in
16 April 2020

During this period of quarantine due to the Coronavirus, there are several activities we can do at home: physical exercise is one of them.

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During this period of quarantine due to the Coronavirus, there are several activities we can do at home:  physical exercise is one of them. In fact, many people, thanks to video lessons on YouTube, Instagram or programs recommended by sports apps, are taking care of their body - despite gyms and sports centres being closed, as well as the difficulty of playing outdoor sports.


It is possible to work out at home: thanks to the support of an article published on, we would like to provide some advice on how to do sport at home safely. Enjoy reading!


The lockdown we've been experiencing for weeks now should not be an excuse for not taking care of our body: on this, the web has been helping sportsmen and women (but also the lazy ones who are looking for new ways to spend their time at home) with training videos and tips from many online trainers.


Physical exercise is not only beneficial for our body, but it is a great way to relieve stress and tension - well known feelings to many people during this difficult time.


According to some personal trainers interviewed by the source article, it is good to create a routine for physical activity and follow constant workouts: the home work planning (if you are in smartworking) can be accompanied by an exercise routine which must be strictly observed. Ultimately, we should behave as we would in our daily lives when we leave home, we go to work and then we spend a few hours at the gym or outdoors.


Thanks also to the many training apps available on the web, we can monitor not only our workout schedule, but also our progress; actually, this monitoring can motivate us not to give up motor activity - just because we are able to see improvements.


It would be also good to do exercise in a specific place of our home: preparing it in advance, possibly with all the equipment that will be used, it will motivate us not to postpone the workout and to be consistent.


Also remember not to overexert yourself and do not exceed your physical limits: you could cause injuries (small or big) which could be difficult to treat by the national health systems during this critical time.


We at Dispotech always advise you to be careful: in case of injury, always remember to have Dispo Gel or Dispo Ice available to alleviate pain!


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